Moving towards Intelligent Golf Course and Green Surface Management

AIntelligent Golf Course Executive Management System
GreenEO by 3D EMS is an Intelligent Platform powered by AI to enable Golf Course and Green Surface Management Companies to effectively manage assets, operations and land fields with a powerful combination of satellite and drones imagery as well as IoT field sensors.
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Convenience of a fully digitalized golf course concierge service + embedded experience of a professional golf course manager.


3D EMS taps into new technologies like the EO (Earth Observation) to get the satellite data combines it with IoT data from court sensors and finally processes the data with the power of AI and several powerful Agro and EO libraries to get you the golf key course metrics at your fingertips to save you 30% on your energy bills and even more on maintenance and through play optimization


And yes - you’ll get the Tiger a AI based golf course executive manger so you can play a round of golf lay back and watch us save your money



Golf Course and Green Surface Management Companies - in search of executive property management

  • 3D EMS offers you an AI powered business tool that gives multi-course operators an optimized way of monitoring their courses energy, labor, and equipment.

General Managers – in search for support for in executive decision processes in course management

  • 3D EMS delivers real time, all the time support powered by beyond the state of the art AI and satellite solutions.

Superintendents looking to better manage their energy, staff and equipment

  • 3D EMS will get you the Tiger, a AI based assistant that will be at your disposal for all your needs on and off the course

Golf Course Operators - wanting to provide the best customer experience.

  • 3D EMS provides AI based models for workflow and play optimization that will eliminate course bottlenecks during play

PGA pro players looking to up their game

  • 3D EMS delivers a gamified solution through your caddies Smart phone App. Satellite, drone and course sensor data is used to give pro players real time info on the course relevant for their choice of plays, appropriate clubs, wind speed and choice of other gear.


  • Integrations with existing maintenance solutions
  • Predictive maintenance of golf equipment
  • Smart sensors for player flow optimization and maintenance
  • Drone /Swarm of drones solutions for EE course design
  • Integrations with different golf course sensors
  • Turf analytics
  • PGA pro player mode adaptations for non-pro players, gamification mobile phone simulations
  • Optimizations for different green maintenance cases - AI and satellite data powered executive maintenance management for:
    • Gated housing communities green surface management
    • Smart city - public green surfaces management


  • IGOR MAGDALENIĆ, president of the Croatian Crisis Management Association (CCMA), Copernicus Academy member – Emergency Management and Copernicus Expert in charge of EMS Satellite Imagery Products Development for 3D EMS
  • DARIO VULJANKO, ex Startup Factory Zagreb Manager - Startup Acceleration, Development, Project And Financial Management, Data Science and Data Visualization Officer for 3D EMS
  • DINKO MATKOVIĆ, DG RTD Technical specialist – 3D EMS CTO/CDO, Data scientist and Big Data/AI expert in charge of platform backend development
  • SINIŠA ILAKOVAC , Unity 3D, C#, NGUI, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Edius, Final Cut Pro, AR, UX/UI - expert for golf course 3D modelling, AR and gamification